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The Band App is now live! Apply to play at Truck Festival.


Apply to play at Truck Festival 2017. Calling all bands, solo artists, DJs, MCs, tributes, performing dogs etc etc etc! You could be on a bill alongside the likes of The Libertines and many more… be the next best thing to come out of Oxfordshire with our rad band app

At Truck Festival we’re always on the look out for fresh, new and talented musicians. We want to give you lovely people the chance to play at the festival this year! We really believe that supporting up and coming local talent is so important and we want to be able to give people the opportunity to get their music out there. Also, it’s pretty bloomin’ fun to play to be honest! The Band App isn’t restricted to just bands, you can be any kind of musical talent to apply – the weirder the better!

If you want to take the stage at Truck this year we’re always on the look out for new and unsigned acts. You could be in a band, an acoustic performer or even a DJ… we’re all ears.

We’re all about promoting local talent and trying to elevate the next big thing whenever we’re able too!

Each year over 1500 acts apply and 15 are picked to play. We listen to every single band that applies and we will then release the shortlist if 100 artists! These will then be passed onto artists who are playing, BBC Introducing, BSM & Alcopop, The Nightshift, Uprising and the Truck team to pick who will play at this years event!

We’ve had some pretty reputable artists pick for us too! In the past we’ve had The Cribs, The Horrors, The Charlatans and Peace choose some of their favourite bands – which is pretty mega

Apply to play
Apply to play at Truck 2017

Applying to play is totally free, open to all and fair.

We can’t wait to get listening!


Love Truck x