Kids and Family

Well well well its a very exciting time to visit Angel gardens at Truck festival this year. 

Its the 1990’s and its all about politics and change, so we want to create change right here at Truck Festival.
We will be holding a weekend long Jr Activist club where you will campaign for or against a very important issue like whether you should be made to eat sprouts or not.  Help us make signs for the rally and march along chanting and singing songs you have written. We will  campaign to the adults on site, take polls and make speeches and  of course we will have an election where the winning party will be voted into power. You will join a party ( for or against) and your politicians will help you fight for your cause.
You will spend the weekend getting ready for the big march on Sunday afternoon. 
Besides all that you can also find:
Li’l Angels Craft tent – for all your artistic needs
L’il Cherubs Baby and toddler tent– music, movement, baby care and even a bath time hour
Tweenangels tent– bath bomb making, chill out area, song writing , Dj’ing skills and more 
Jacobs Green– outdoor games, races, circus and more
We can also find….
  • Acro yoga-
  • Tallent show and cabaret
  • Song writing 
  • Dance classes
  • Slack lines
  • Face painting
  • Pizza Making
  • Enchanted swing boats
  • Spring your own candyfloss
  • A kids only paint fight 
  • Rounders Match for all ages
  • Story telling
  • Sticker art
  • Kids Open mic
  • Dads cookery club
And so so so much more…. Are you ready for this????? We are so ready for you…..