Campervans and Caravans


Caravan and campervan tickets can be purchased for the event. Bookings are £58 per caravan. Caravan and Campervan can be purchased alongside your full weekend ticket here or if you have already purchased can be added to your booking through your online dashboard or by contacting

Please note the fields do not have electric hook ups.

Showers are not provided in the campervan & caravan site.

Although we do not have a specific size limit, we ask that you be reasonable and considerate of other customers. You will need to drive the campervan in yourself, as the campsite is past security you will not be able to be driven in by someone who does not hold a ticket for the festival.  Your cars will be able to enter the campsite and be left next to your Caravan / Campervan.

Caravans and Campervans will only be able to be parked in the specific Campervan / Caravan campsite. There are no space in Peak Club VIP. If you are a VIP ticket holder but wish to use your campervan you will still have full access to the campsite and all the facilities, however your campervan will have to stay in Campervan parking. There will however be a very limited amount of campervan spaces available in the Access campsite for those that need it, please see our Access page for more information on this.