The contest is not just for AOS members or even just Alabamians

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cheap canada goose outlet What I have so far were either taken in horrible lighting or are distant zooms.I serve on a committee of the that is seeking to improve bird species reports from areas of Alabama that are under reported on eBird, which collects data from birders to improve the science of ornithology.AOS has partnered with eBird to increase the number of complete checklists of birds from 16 counties in Alabama with low numbers of checklists and bird species.Every complete checklist entered from one of the counties AOS targets (see list below) would provide a chance for the eBirder filing it to win a prize. The more complete checklists, the more chances to win. EBird will canada goose sale monitor the lists and randomly select winners.The contest is not just for AOS members or even just Alabamians anyone who files a complete checklist beginning May 1 and continuing through the remainder of 2017 would be eligible. cheap canada goose outlet

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