“I guess they came in at the right time

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handbags ysl replica She became the ninth jury member (though she didn’t vote for him as he thought she would).After the final three had a big breakfast at least compared to what they’re used to they had a few ritual burnings. Sandra took Russell’s hat and threw it in the fire when he was out on a walk, explaining, “That’s payback for everything he’s done to me in this game.”Although that may not have been the nicest thing to do, it’s quite fitting considering Russell burned his tribe mates’ belongings on “Survivor: Samoa.” However, he said he did it for strategy, while Sandra copped to doing it for revenge.But Sandra didn’t need to burn a hat to get revenge she got it from the jury.As Rupert Boneham explained, Russell was “a disgusting human being” because being “a manipulative, deceiving, lying person is very easy. You took the easy way out,” Rupert told him. handbags ysl replica

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