King was criticized for distributing a mailer that showed Ali

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Prada Replica 29, 2012)Finally a viral video the non obsessive can enjoy.A new clip promoting Ridley Scott’s “Alien” prequel, “Prometheus,” as hit the tubes, and it features Guy Pearce as Peter Weyland (of the corporation Weyland Yutani, which sent the original probe into space in “Alien” and which planned to harvest alien specimens in “Aliens”) giving a TED talk in the year 2023. The whole things got a sinister, Prada OutletPrada Outlet Bags Prada Outlet Gordon Gekko esque vibe to it, as he discusses his vision for changing the world, a plan that includes androids indistinguishable from humans.They’ve gone as far as creating a fake TED website, and predictably, the humorless nerds and fanboys are out in full effect, dissecting how the speech goes against the ethos of TED (though it was done entirely with TED’s blessing), how this character doesn’t jibe with the Weyland family tree as laid out in “Alien vs. Predator,” how silly it is to think that people will still attend speeches en masse 12 years from now Prada Replica.

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