Many athletes’ gains and losses are determined more often than

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Designer Prada Replica Bags In the last week, it has become evident that in order to be an Olympian, you not only have to have strength, passion, and motivation, but you also may need the upper hand of the judge.Many athletes’ gains and losses are determined more often than Prada cheap not by the judge’s call; from Jordyn Wieber’s deduction on floor routine that later caused her to miss out on the All Arounds by.233 to the 400 meter freestyle semi finals where front runner South Korea’s Tae Hwan Park was DQ’d, and then reinstated, for what judges thought was originally a false start.Now of course, this is nothing new to the games, but instead just the nature of this level of competition. It’s a lot about who is granted the say all when it comes to the final three standing tall for their country.And in boxing, from miscounted knockdowns, premature warnings, and reinstated wins and DQs, the judges’ calls have been raising controversy all week long. For one of Team USA’s boxers, when three rounds ended without a knock out, it too was all left to the judges. Designer Prada Replica Bags

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