New Year, New Truck

truck 2017

2017 is upon us and we’ve got some BIG stuff lined up for you…


New Year, New Truck.

This year the UKs best small festival turns the big 2-0 and boy are we planning the blow out of all blow outs. It’s our New Year resolution to throw the party to end all party’s (until next year). Close your eyes and picture your BEST Truck memory and times that by a million. This New Year we are going to be celebrating in style and plans are already under way. We know that January can kind of suck, by now you might be lapping on your new years resolutions – but we’re going to try and bring a little light into your lives.


So to brighten up this dull-as-dishwater month we’ve got a few juicy bits lined up for you…


Brand Spanking New Website

Of course now we are no longer a teenager, we need a sassy makeover. Our new website and branding will of course be sticking with the CLASSIC Truck vibes… but we’re just giving it a bit of TLC.


Line up Announcement

We know, we know… you’re super eager to see who’s coming to Oxfordshire this year. We’re just polishing up the Truck line up to end all Truck line ups but we PROMISE it’s coming very soon. Hold tight, it’s going to be pretty awesome… we can’t bloomin’ wait.

*The line up announcement can be found here…*

The Official 2016 Aftermovie

When it’s freezing cold and it seems to stay dark all day we’re pretty far removed from the glorious sun that’ll be coming your way at Truck. But don’t worry, we’re going to remind you what a cracking weekend that was. The Aftermovie is coming soon to a screen near you… and who knows you might even make a cameo.

Check it out here


We’re all about rewards at Truck, so keep your eyes peeled on all of our socials and you might be in with a chance to bag yourself a couple of free tickets. Add us on snapchat @ truckfestival and you may win some in the next week!


Ticket Launch

As you may know, the only tickets on sale at the moment are payment plans. After unprecedented Christmas ticket sales, they were snapped up in record time. But don’t fret! Weekend tickets are coming very soon… along with all the glorious little extras your heart desires.

*Please not that Truck Festival is now sold out*


Pretty exciting stuff huh!

Make your resolution to come to the best festival ever….

Love Truck x