New Year New Truck

New Year New Truck

We told you we had big news! With most people’s New Year’s resolution already a long forgotten memory, we thought we’d share ours.

So here’s the scoop Truck is going to THREE whole days this year, that’s right Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Crazy right!?

Rest assured, we will be on our usual weekend in third weekend in July, with the festival starting on Friday 15th and the music ending with a bang on Sunday 17th.

What’s more, the tickets are only £86.50! That’s less than £30 a day to see some of the most exciting acts come to wonderful Oxfordshire Festival.

Alongside this we are also happy to announce that we will be adding a few things to Truck to make everything even better than the last year that saw us being among the final 5 for the UK’s Best Small Festival at the UK Festival Awards.

Firstly, due to the popularity of the acts that would normally frequent the BARN stage we will be moving these to a brand new stage, so as many of you as possible can go in and get on down to with all the wonderful loud noises that we all love. Fear not Barn lovers, the stage will still be in full swing but with a carefully curated line up that will fill all new music lovers with joy – more news on this soon!

Secondly, we will also welcome a beautifully blissed out cinema tent for you all to sit down, cotch and relax to the max. (We know it’s not all about the music!) We will be giving you lovely Truckers the chance to vote for and pick the films you want to see over the weekend alongside our personally requested films… did someone say Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back?

As previously mentioned in a response to the feedback survey, we’re in the process of massively changing the layout of the beautiful Truck site, to make it perfect for the 2016! You can read more about what we plan to do here

Remember, tickets for the 3 days of TRUCK 2016 go on sale tomorrow at 4. We’ve already sold an unprecedented amount of earlybirds, so head to the Truck Website to get yours!