Truck Festival Add Two New Things To The Prohibited Items List

Attention all festival goers please take special note to the recent additions to our prohibited items list.

  1. Selfie Sticks – Like many festivals we have decided to ban these from the arenas. We have come to this decision to ensure the enjoyment of others in the crowd by trying to limit things potentially blocking their view of the acts. Please note this is not a vendetta against the selfie stick, by all means snap away in the campsite.
  2. Katie Hopkins – Truck has decided to take a stand and ban Katie Hopkins from attending the festival. This is due to her voicing opinions that we as a festival disagree wholeheartedly with and would not like aired at the festival. We would like to add this is not “anti free speech” she can say what she feels. However, we do not have to agree with it or tolerate her opinion.

We hope both of these additions will improve your festival experience. If you do have any issues with either changes please feel free to contact us on [email protected]

For more info on other prohibited items please head here

As ever, Lots of Love