Thank Truck it’s Friday – we’ve got an amazing new app for you!

Good afternoon Truckers,

So, you have an important assignment to complete this afternoon, or maybe you’re just watching kitten videos on Youtube: we have just thing for you. The brand new Truck line-up planner! This online gadget allows you to work out exactly who you’re going to see when at Truck Festival, and even allows you to schedule in beer breaks, lunch and so forth; it’ll show you if clashes arise and help you to choose who to see as you plot your unique pathway through the wonderful Truck Festival bill. We’re really proud of this Line-up Planner and we think you’ll enjoy using it. Even better, you can share it with friends to show off your good taste or offer them guidance on what to see. It’s simple to use and you can re-do your plan at any time as the mood takes you!

Head over here to get cracking,

and don’t forget to share your chosen Line-up on Facebook and Twitter so we can see who you’re excited about seeing:
Twitter: @truckfestival   #amonstersummer
With a line-up stretching from Spiritualized to Bo Ningen, Ash to We Are The Ocean, and more stages to be added, there are some diverse personalised line-ups to be discovered, and you’ll need to allow time to participate in the Bureau of Silly Walks and taste the new Food Festival too!
We’ve finished going through the 1290 or so artists entries via our Band App, and now our panel of labels, DJs and promoters are listening through our final shortlist of 100 high-quality acts; we’ve been very impressed by the quality and variety of music we’ve heard and would like to thank everyone who applied. The shortlist is at the bottom of this email, all worth checking out! At least 20 of these acts will be chosen for the remaining spots at the festival but we wish we could accommodate them all.

If you’re in an area local to the festival, you may have seen our billboards – it’s going to be #amonstersummer!

Have a great weekend, maybe we’ll see you on the dance floor at the Academy in Oxford on Saturday night…

Love from all at Truck HQ.