Truck Festival Glamping Experience Feedback

We’ve Listened…

Truck 2015 was officially the biggest and best Truck yet, attracting a host of huge acts and with a record number of Truckers flocking to Hill Farm. After the event we issued our “Glamping Feedback Survey” to those who purchased tickets for the Truck Glamping Experience. This is so we can act on what you want for Truck 2016. We have taken the appropriate amount of time to carefully collate and analyse the feedback to discuss what needs to be improved for next year’s event.

We are a small team of organisers that work tirelessly year round on Truck as we truly love and are proud of our amazing festival. Last year we introduced Glamping for the first time at the event with some teething issues. This is a document that will outline what we will do as organisers to ensure that the Glamping Experience at Truck 2016 will be the best value Glamping Experience on offer in the whole country!

Glamping Location

Issue: Location of the Glamping area

How we will fix this: With introduction of Glamping to Truck Festival we have learnt many lessons about where to place the Glamping area.

From your feedback it is apparent that the location of Glamping at Truck 2015 was not in an optimum position. As a result, the Glamping area didn’t feel secluded or special enough.

For 2016, we will move the Glamping area to a more secluded and separate location, from the regular campsite. This will ensure that it becomes a dedicated Glamping area. This will negate issues where the large footfall made the 2015 Glamping feel less secluded and special.

Toilets and Showers

Issue: Non Glampers using Glamping facilities / Glamping facilities not being up to scratch

How we will fix this: For 2016 we will seriously address the issue by increasing the amount of Glamping toilets available in the area. We will also ensure that the toilets provided are of a standard one would associate with Glamping.

Combining this with the change of location, the Truck Glamping Experience will be more secluded and therefore have less people using the facilities available for those Glamping. We will also ensure that there is a team of stewards at the designated entry and exit points throughout the weekend, making sure that only Glampers can get into the area.


Thank you very much for taking the time to give us your feedback. This is such a vital and important part of the planning process for Truck 2016 and we really appreciate your time and effort.

We hope to see you all next year, roll on Truck 2016!


Lots of Love