TRUCKIN Families, we have some great news! Truck Festival proudly welcomes Angel Gardens to TRUCK 2016.

The Angels are coming!!! For the first time ever the fabulous crew from Angel gardens will be flying in to Oxfordshire to provide the most wonderful kids and family entertainment you have ever seen!!!

Its all a bit exciting really, Truck Festival will be over taken over with a wild west theme and a huge problem to be solved, you will be helping the Angel Villagers find the missing gold! With the help of the Deputy and the matronly Aunty Em we will be gathering clues from the Native Indian lady and getting ready to find who exactly stole the villagers treasure!

The Ranch, Hosted by Sherif Fraser you will find a secret venue full of parties, activities , classes and discos

The Toddlers Tipi Village is hosted by the magical mystery lady Honkitonk Ity and she will be helping all the little ones have fun with toys, bath time, feeding areas and changing….

The County Jail is full of crafts, activities and all sorts of fab preparations ready for when we take to the road in search of the gold which we know is hidden on set somewhere!!!!

The gardens will host games, races, gold panning, sandpit and so much more.

You will have a ball and we need you to help us.. we know there is gold in those fields… enough for everyone!!!!! you just have to help us find it.

See you soon and keep an eye on the Truck website and social media for more information and news.

Find out more about Angel Gardens here.

If this is making you give a good a good old fashioned YAHOO with excitement and you want to buy tickets head here!

Lots of Love

TRUCK HQ & Angel Gardens x