Sold out


Truck Festival has officially sold out of all tickets!

This is the fastest we have ever sold out and it’s all thanks to you beautiful people! Thank you all so so so so much!
We can’t bloomin’ wait for Truck Festivals 20th Birthday Party…  So excited to have a bloody great time with you lot alongside The Libertines, The Vaccines, Franz Ferdinand, The Wombats and way more.

We feel so honoured to have such a solid festival goer base and we really don’t take it for granted. We’re busy pulling out all the stops to make sure that this year is the best year yet. We’ve got lots up our sleeves for you all with new coming soon and now we’ve sold out we can assure you we will be working to make it EXTRA special.

We’re currently working as quick as we can on a fair way to buy and sell tickets if you end up not being able to go. We ask  you to please not pay over the odds for a ticket from a private seller! We don’t want to anyone getting ripped off this year.


Resale news

There will be a small resale in the next few months for those of you who did not manage to get your ticket before we sold out.  Every year there are a few tickets that are cancelled / refunded which we will go on sale later in the year but please be aware this selection will be very small.  We don’t want anyone to be disappointed but there’s has already been a huge interest in the presale and the more interest there is, the slimmer the chance of getting a ticket is…

You can still sign up for this presale here


Glamping News

A lot of you lovely folk have registered an interest in glamping, these will be on sale very, very soon. We’re sorry for the delay. However, we’ve spent the time in working with an amazing new partner who provide the best glamping options available. Please make sure that you purchase these as soon as they become available as we expect them to go very quickly.