Welcome to Truck 2017

Truck 2017

Welcome to Truck 2017 it’s gonna be one hell of a party!


Truck 2017 is going to momentous, where we move away from being a teenager and enter our 20’s. As one of the longest running small festivals in the country plans are in full flow to deliver a 20th party for everyone to remember!


With the incredible demand for tickets last year leading to our earliest sell out in our history and unprecedented demand for Earlybird and Christmas Tickets. Truck Festival will be introducing Tiered Ticketing for 2017, this is to ensure those who want to come to celebrate our 20th birthday bash in Oxfordshire, will be given the cheapest price possible.

The Truck Festival weekend tickets will be split over 6 tiers, with a limited batch of tickets available at £90.50 on ticket launch day. You’ll have to be super quick as these will go extremely quickly.

Tier Prices

Tier 1: £90.50

Tier 2: £95.00

Tier 3: £99.50

Tier 4: £105

Tier 5: £110

Tier 6: £115

*Please note, Truck Festival has now sold out. There will be a limited amount of Presale tickets on in the future. You can sign up to this here*

New Layout:

Thanks to your feedback following the awesome 2016, we will be again looking to improve the full festival offering available at Truck 2017. This will include more food stalls, more activities, an increased late night programming and a revised layout.

Line Up:

We’re working hard to bring you our best line up ever to really celebrate Truck turning 20, we cannot wait to share it with you! Make sure you follow us on all the relevant social media accounts for the latest news and many clues for who will playing the best small festival in the UK!

*The line up is here! Check it out*

Extra Activities

After the massive effort last year we put into extra activities at the festival, you can rest assured that Truck 2017 will feature all the same amazing activities to do and much much more. So we lay you down a challenge to exercise in front of the main stage covered in paint whilst watching a movie! We’re sure this can actually happen… maybe.


Truck Festival work extremely hard with the local authorities, police, medics and welfare team to provide the safest festival possible. As a result, Truck Festival will have to prohibit re-entry to the festival site with any alcohol. Once you have been given your wristbands you will no longer be permitted to bring any more alcohol into the festival. This is now a condition of the festival having its current license and without this term the festival would not be able to take place.


We know you like competitions, who doesn’t! So Truck will be looking to run the most amount of competitions we’ve ever run in the build up to our birthday bash. Again you’ll need to keep your eyes on the prize to enter! Pardon the pun.