Truck 2015 was officially the biggest and best Truck yet, attracting a host of huge acts and with a record number of Truckers flocking to Hill Farm. After the event we issued our “Customer Feedback Survey” to get as much feedback from as many Truckers as possible. This is so we can act on what you want for Truck 2016. We have taken the appropriate amount of time to carefully collate and analyse the feedback to discuss what needs to be improved for next year’s event.

We are a small team of organisers that work tirelessly year round on Truck as we truly love and are proud of our amazing festival. However, we are aware that, as ever there are areas that need to be improved upon to make Truck 2016 the best Truck ever!


Issue: Queuing Time / Lack Of Toilets

How we will fix this:

Truck 2015 saw a bit of a site layout restructure, as part of this there was a new plan of allocating toilets. Unfortunately, this plan was not adequate enough to enable us to reach our normal high standards. This was further exacerbated by lack of clear signage.

For 2016 we will seriously address the issue by doubling the amount of toilets alongside looking into the spread and location of them across the whole site, aiming to distribute the toilets as evenly as possible, especially in the campsites.

We will also increase the quality and provision of urinals on site, combining this with clear signage will further reduce the queue times.

We will get back to our previous award winning standard!

Exit Queues

Issue: Time to leave the Truck site on Sunday morning / Lack of Stewarding

How we will fix this: Regarding exiting the festival the main aim of the festival has been, and always will be to ensure the safety of those leaving the site. Furthermore, due to the nature of the site, it will always be impossible to promise no queues when exiting the festival. We unfortunately also had a few issues with cars breaking down on exit which did contribute to the queues building.

However, for 2016, we will ensure that there is a more robust plan in place to deal with the peak period, as well as the route from the car park to the main road being well stewarded and signposted.


Issue: Lack of food vendors / Placement of vendors

How we will fix this: As I’m sure you are all aware, Truck has a long standing partnership with the Didcot Rotary Club Charity, who run the majority of the food stalls. In order for them to make as much money for charity as possible we limit the amount of vendors on site.

Whist ensuring that The Rotary Club still have their very important standing at the event, we will also consider the placement of all food vendors thoroughly for Truck 2016, this will reduce the crowding in areas at peak periods and ensure clearer walkways. The local community and supporting the charity will always be a very important part of what Truck Festival is about.


Issue: Campsite Design

How we will fix this: We will ensure that the campsite will have clearly defined and well signposted walkways throughout.

The Family camping area will be stewarded throughout the day and will only be accessible for those with a family wristband (more news on this soon).

Campervan camping will increase in size and there will be designated and well signposted areas for disposing of chemical waste as in previous years.

Glamping will be looked into separately with specific feedback already collated.


Thank you very much for taking the time to give us so much feedback. This is such a vital and important part of the planning process for Truck 2016 and we really appreciate your time and effort.

We hope to see you all next year, roll on Truck 2016!

Lots of Love