Zodiac Fields

Zodiac Fields
Truck Festival proudly welcomes back Zodiac Fields camping!

The area is so named after the awesome venue that shaped the Oxfordshire music scene.  Zodiac Fields will be for those who fancy a touch of the finer things when attending festivals,  plus a few exclusive perks that make your Truck Festival experience truly out of this world! This is the option for anyone who love a good old festival but isn’t that into the less glamorous aspects…

Zodiac Fields has SOLD OUT for 2017 alongside all other tickets. There will be a very limited resale in the next few months, head here for more info.

spacious camping

Hate having to rush to pitch your tent in a prime location with your amigos? Well, this is the option for you, with our spacious and secluded camping area that only Zodiac Fields Campers can use. You’ll have enough room to swing a cat.

priority entry

How about parking your car, walking up and waltzing on through to the festival? Sounds good right.

As part of your package, you get priority entry to the festival through your own queue lane.

toilets and showers

Who doesn’t like a porcelain throne and a nice warm shower to wash off that hangover in luxury?

Obviously Zodiac Fields have got the perfect home touch covered for you and your mates.

Merchandise Pack

Those who will be camping in the Zodiac Fields will also be able to get a complimentary Merchandise Pack that will consist of a Truck Festival Tote Bag, Programme and Lanyard! So you can look snazzy, well read and informed

Priority Parking

To make your entrance into the festival as easy as possible, you’ll also get a parking spot within a short distance to your tent! 

*Car Park tickets will need to be purchased separately alongside the Zodiac Fields ticket